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    On August 21 (2023) our restaurant l’Eau Vive will close its doors for a make-over. From October 5 (2023) we will be working from a pop-restaurant in l’Espace Medissey - our maison d’hôtes - barely 4km away from the restaurant.

    Its fully open kitchen offers two ways to enjoy your two-star experience:

    Sharing a table: Why not discover, discuss, and savour as a group and share a convivial time together? Who will be at your table? That’s a surprise!
    Your own table: Are you the romantic tête-à-tête type? Or are you after quality time with your friends and/or family? That too can be arranged.

    You can also reserve one of our guest rooms, for that restaurant-with-rooms experience.

    The pop-up restaurant opens its doors on October 5th and will stay open for about two months.

    Closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturday lunchtime.

    Reservations or at resto@eau-vive